It’s the little pills behind thick bars, the hurling whites and blues, the sweet veins of consumption; It’s that hard plastic taste, those light strips, bright frost, this mundanity in bloom; It’s her rubberband cry, her satin march, her chorus of keening tongues; It’s walking home, breathing in, gilded heat.

Eight Days a Week: Sunday

Sunday While Sunday is technically the first day of the week, let’s be honest, it’s really the last, and some songs are all too aware of this fact. Etta James’s soulful “A Sunday Kind of Love”, No Doubt’s “Sunday Morning”, Lonely God’s “Sunday”, Earl Sweatshirt and Frank Ocean’s “Sunday”, and The Strokes’ “Why Are Sundays… Continue reading Eight Days a Week: Sunday

Eight Days a Week: Saturday

Saturday Saturday is, classically, the best day of the week. Surprisingly, not all Saturday songs are as upbeat as one might expect. Sure, there are a bunch of songs that frame Saturdays as celebrations. Elton John’s “Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting)” off of his seminal record, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Khalid’s “Saturday Nights”, the 80’s… Continue reading Eight Days a Week: Saturday

The Art of Winging It: The Horrors and Triumphs of My First Job – Part I

The summer before sophomore year of high school, I applied to work at least a dozen shops and restaurants around my hometown, a small city on the coast of California. For weeks, I got no calls back. It was clear why I was an unappealing candidate: I had no work experience and was barely fifteen.… Continue reading The Art of Winging It: The Horrors and Triumphs of My First Job – Part I

How Soon Is Now?

It scares me: asphalt taunting water (too close), a makeshift bridge (last week’s landslide), the wet-dark wood of a pit stop in the trees. And yet: as we’re raked back by gravel tides, as the damp outside slaps us around (a toy car on the mountain’s brim)— Morrissey still finds the time to whine and… Continue reading How Soon Is Now?