It’s the little pills behind thick bars, the hurling whites and blues, the sweet veins of consumption; It’s that hard plastic taste, those light strips, bright frost, this mundanity in bloom; It’s her rubberband cry, her satin march, her chorus of keening tongues; It’s walking home, breathing in, gilded heat.

How Soon Is Now?

It scares me: asphalt taunting water (too close), a makeshift bridge (last week’s landslide), the wet-dark wood of a pit stop in the trees. And yet: as we’re raked back by gravel tides, as the damp outside slaps us around (a toy car on the mountain’s brim)— Morrissey still finds the time to whine and… Continue reading How Soon Is Now?

The Many Faces of Boredom

I officially graduated from high school last Thursday, and after the fact found myself becoming nostalgic for the place I’m so eager to leave behind: the putrid yellow walls, the underclassmen who often seemed to lack basic motor skills, even the classes that bored me. Recently, I looked through my school-sanctioned yearly planners from the… Continue reading The Many Faces of Boredom

Recess XI

The sky is dark when I push— hard—the other boy and his blonde bowl cut streaming down fast like eager ribbons to the ground.   Woodchips meet his scrawny knees, the soft thew in the palms of his hands, his ruddy cheeks.   I watch him, small and pink— my friends, far below, scattering, sticky,… Continue reading Recess XI

May Queen

She rests in petals, light—   the knotted red nose,    melting lips, putty:   portrait of grief.   She watches fire wriggle, up—    teasing straw, hair,   skinning old teeth,   skipping free.   She breathes and smiles, sweet—    the bear is dead;   smoke purrs before   newborn sky.

Life Hack: Revert to your Middle School Music Tastes to Cope with a Worldwide Pandemic!

It’s a typical Wednesday night: taking out the trash has inspired a raccoon-like hunger in me, so I’m pillaging the kitchen for scraps. I’m also listening to “Say Anything (Else)”, a song (by the band Cartel) my friend just enthusiastically texted me about and insisted I listen to. It starts with the crackle of a… Continue reading Life Hack: Revert to your Middle School Music Tastes to Cope with a Worldwide Pandemic!