Eight Days a Week: Tuesday


There’s less of a consensus as to what constitutes a “Tuesday” mood. Songs such as Hippo Campus’ endearing “Tuesday”, A House in The Trees’s cryptic “Tuesday Afternoon”, and Yusuf / Cat Stevens’ expectedly groovy (think Peace Train), “Tuesday’s Dead” all focus inward on self-doubt or self-discovery. The best of the bunch, “Tuesday Feeling (Chose To Stay),” by Blood Orange and Tinashe, shares the idea of a restless person finding peace within. Blood Orange, AKA Devonté Hynes, quietly repeats, mantra-like, “Choose to ignore blues / Something to get in your way / You choose to stay.” These and other lyrics, beautifully echoed and embellished by Tinashe’s fluttering riffs, encourage the listener to create a peace-filled and healthy lifestyle despite emotional hardships. They sing, “I want the lifestyle for free,” but sometimes self-care must be achieved one difficult step at a time. I’d be remiss not to mention a subset of Tuesday songs that seem to champion partying on a Tuesday (let’s not forget Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday). Drake and ILOVEMAKONNEN’s song “Tuesday,” and Migos’s song “Taco Tuesday” both fall into this category.
So, if we’ve learned anything about Tuesdays, it’s best that you take some time for self reflection and prioritize your mental health. Or party hard.