Eight Days a Week: Wednesday


We’ve made it halfway! The songs for Wednesday are about change, both good and bad. The good is illustrated by Curtis Harding’s cry for a second chance at love on “Wednesday Morning Atonement”, “Wednesday Night Melody” by the girl band, Bleached, in which they enthusiastically shout, “Come on boy, dry your eyes / It’s good to feel just a little alive” and Macklemore’s hopeful and politically charged fight song, “Wednesday Morning.” The more negative change can be evidenced by Tori Amos’s “Wednesday” which describes a relationship coming to an unavoidable and unsavory conclusion, as well as “Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M.” by Simon and Garfunkel, my pick for best Wednesday song. “Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M.”  tells of a man lamenting the crimes he’s done in bed at 3 A.M.. When the dawn breaks, he must leave his lover and run from the law. Simon and Garfunkel’s detailed songwriting and intimate delivery make for a claustrophobically heartrending tale in just 2 minutes. Just listen to this line, about the protagonist’s lover: “And her hair, in a fine mist / Floats on my pillow / Reflecting the glow / Of the winter moonlight.” The tight harmonies elevate and compliment the acoustic guitar, commanding the soundscape with what seems like an age-old folktale. Play it again!
All of these songs describe a turning point, whether that be a second chance, a life altering disaster, renewed hope, or simply re-upping your energy for the rest of the week. From these songs, I think we’ve learned not to give up until after Wednesday comes around.