Eight Days a Week: Friday


The Friday songs are a riot. As we’ve been expecting, the dominant narrative about Friday is that it’s a day for fun, usually in the form of a party that lasts until Saturday. Not all songs mention parties, but most have the message of throwing away one’s inhibitions and very often, money. Here goes the list. “Friday” by Rebecca Black, “Friday” by Ice Cube, “Friday the 13th (feat. Octavian)” by the Gorillaz, “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)” by Katy Perry, “Friday” by FMB DZ, “Friday on my Mind” by The Easybeats, and “Friday” by Sir Charles Jones all fit the bill. Aside from these songs there are a few that defy categorization. “Freaky Friday” by Lil Dicky and Chris Brown is sung as if the two artists had actually switched bodies (along with a few other guest stars). “Friday Night” by Vigiland is a pop-dubstep number that is sung from the perspective of someone who wasn’t allowed in a club and vows to get revenge. “Thank God it’s Friday” by Ice Nine Kills is a theatrical metal/pop-punk song about “the curse of crystal lake” featuring spoken lines from the supposed mother of Jason (from Friday the 13th). The best Friday song and the only (kind of) love song I’ve heard in this category, is The Cure’s popular “Friday, I’m in Love”. Swimming in twinkling guitar, Robert Smith’s distinct voice is almost overwhelmed as he shouts the whimsical lyrics, Always take a big bite / It’s such a gorgeous sight / To see you eat in the middle of the night / You can never get enough / Enough of this stuff / It’s Friday I’m in love.” It’s hard not to smile at that! Friday songs span a wide array of genres but almost always boil down to one thing: Friday is a day for joy.